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My name is Chuck Starrett and I live in Sarasota Florida and collect beer cans from Michigan. Why Michigan beer cans? I, like many other beer can collectors, started collecting in the 1970ís. I was living in Royal Oak, Michigan at the time. Since I was in high school and didnít have much money, my goal was to get as many cans as I could. And I did, I had about 1500 cans. This was great, but most of them were common cans. Soon I ran out of room to display them, so I decided to specialize. Since I lived in Michigan, it was a natural for me to collect Michigan cans.

In the early 1980ís, I packed up all my cans in boxes and moved them to Florida. They stayed in those boxes for about 15 years. Then I found eBay. This was a turning point. The cans came out and I was hooked again. Well, those common cans still werenít worth much; but, the nice Michigan cans I had, well, letís just say I wish I had sold all my common cans back then and gotten more Michigan cans.

Let me know if you have any old Beer Cans or other Breweriana for sale.  Not just from Michigan.  Thanks.

Phone: 941-400-9947

Chuck Starrett beer-1@msn.com
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